5-inch Wrist temperature detection and face recogn

Industrial Linux system, LCD: 5-inch IPS screen, 1280x 720, Temperature detection way: Wrist; Temperature Accuracy : ± 0.3℃; Detection distance: 0~3cm; Temperature detection time ≤1s; Camera: 2mp, dual cameras, living body detection; Maximum face detection ≤10, Minimum face capture pixels≥150 pixels, Capture accuracy rate ≥99%, Support 10,000 face databases, 50,000 records, 100,000 local capture and recognition records storage, IR Led+ White Led dual light design; Voice broadcast for abnormal temperature, black and white list. TF card, Reset, 1CH alarm output, 1CH alarm input,  RS485, RJ45, Wiegand interface, DC12V; Built-in Wifi。

Model NumberOFX-850-3TEMP
Dimensions5 inch, full-angle IPS LCD screen
TypeDual Camera Design
Sensor1/2.8" SONY starlight CMOS
Resolution1080P @ 30fps
Body temperature measurement
Measuring siteWrist
Temperature range34-42 Celsius
Temperature measuring distance0-3cm
Temperature measurement accuracy+ 0.5 Celsius - -0.5 Celsius
Temperature measurement response<= 1 s
Face recognition
Detection TypeSupport lving face detection, effective prevention of print photos,   phone photos and video spoofing
Face recognition distance0.3-1.3m, support detection target size filter adjustment
Recognize face sizePupils distance &ge;   60 pixels; Face pixel &ge;150 pixels
Face database capacitySupport built-in &le; 10000 faces; support black/white list
PostureSupport side face filter, comparable within 20 degrees in vertical and 30 degrees in horizontal
OcclusionOrdinary glasses and short sea retention have no effect on recognition.
ExpressionUnder normal circumstances, slight expressions do not affect recognition.
Response Speed<= 1 s
Face exposureSupport
Local StorageSupport storage of 100,000 records
Recognition areaFull image recognition, support zone optional setting
Upload MethodTCP, FTP, HTTP,   API function calling upload
Network Functions
Network protocolIPv4, TCP/IP, NTP, FTP, HTTP
Interface protocolONVIF, RTSP
Security ModeAuthorized username and password
Event linkageTF card storage, FTP upload, alarm output linkage, Wiegand output linkage, voice broadcast
System UpgradeSupport remote upgrade
Supplementary lightIR light, LED white light
Identification ModuleSupport built-in IC card reader module optional
Support built-in ID card reader module optional
SpeakerSupport voice broadcast after successful recognition
Network ModuleSupport built-in WiFi module optional
Network InterfaceRJ45 10M/100M Network Adaptation
Alarm Input1 Input
Alarm Output1 Output
RS485 interfaceSupport
TF card slotSupports up to 128G of local storage
Wiegand interfaceSupport Wiegand 26, 34, 66 protocols
Reset keySupport
Anti-disassembly switchSupport
Operating Temperature-10 Celsius ~ 50 Celsius
Working humidity0%-90%
Protection Level/
Power SupplyDC12V
Power dissipation (maximum)<= 12 W
Dimensions (mm)135mm (W) * 181mm (H) * 34mm (T)
Installation MethodX86 Box Embedded Installation/Desktop Installation/Floor Support Installation